Text Mining Historical News

Historical newspapers provide a treasure trove to explore and understand the mentalities and habits onto the societies of the people who wrote and produced them. In recent years, the digitization of such sources on a large scale, combined with the development of digital tools to make use of such material has led to new ways of working with these unique historic sources. Text Mining Historical News is a forthcoming online exhibition created to increase awareness about how studying digital newspapers beyond the confines of ‘national’ archives can help us to trace how ideas, debates and images circulated via these newspapers in a European context. To this end, this exhibition showcases some of the many fascinating stories that newspapers reveal about changing European attitudes and mentalities by studying modes of advertising, the development of new consumption patterns and tastes in music, as well as depictions of famous European cities as popular tourist destinations.

Have a look around to learn more about what multilingual ‘text mining’ entails, and find out how it will lastingly change the way we work with these texts. Browse through the stories and images we uncovered, or gain some inspiration and tips for useful text mining tools!

This online exhibit is created by the research project ASYMENC: Asymmetrical Encounters: E-Humanity Approaches to Reference Cultures in Europe, 1815-1992’, which is carried by researchers at the universities of Utrecht, University College London, and the University of Trier. The project is funded by HERA – Humanities in the European Research Area.

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